Indian warplanes chased the unidentified flying object

Indian warplanes chased the unidentified flying object
Indian warplanes chased the unidentified flying object

Indian warplanes were urgently deployed following reports of an unidentified flying object (UFO) near Imphal airport, underscoring a perplexing and intriguing event that captured the attention of both aviation and defense authorities. The Indian Air Force (IAF) swiftly initiated a response after air traffic controllers at Imphal airport initially spotted the mysterious object near the runway.

In a proactive move, two Rafale fighter jets, equipped with advanced sensors, were dispatched by the IAF to conduct an extensive search for the elusive UFO. The situation led to the closure of controlled airspace over Imphal, causing disruption to air traffic operations. Three flights at Imphal airport were grounded on the runway for over three hours, while two incoming flights were redirected to Kolkata and Guwahati.

According to a detailed report by NDTV, the airport authorities, responding to the unusual event, handed over control of the airspace to the Indian Air Force. This decision was made in an effort to address the potential threat posed by the unidentified flying object. Approximately 1,000 passengers were affected by the disruption, highlighting the scale of the incident’s impact on normal aviation operations.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior airport official revealed that the UFO, described as “fairly large,” was observed in flight for more than an hour. The NDTV report, citing sources, indicated that the sighting occurred at 2:30 pm on the previous day. Despite the IAF’s rapid and thorough search efforts using the Rafale fighter jets, the UFO remained elusive, and its whereabouts could not be determined.

Defense sources informed ANI that the agencies involved are actively working to gather more details about the unidentified flying object. A video reportedly capturing the UFO above Imphal Airport has added another layer of intrigue to the incident. The IAF, responding to the potential security concern, activated the ‘Air Defense Response Mechanism.’ However, subsequent searches failed to yield any further sightings of the mysterious object, leaving the incident shrouded in uncertainty.

As authorities continue to investigate and analyze the available information, the episode raises questions about the nature


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