Farzana’s three flats in YouTube income

Farzana's three flats in YouTube income
Farzana's three flats in YouTube income

Farzana Akhtar’s YouTube channel has more than 1.28 million subscribers. His channel has crossed 343 crore total views. Her ‘Farzana Drawing Academy’ is a leading YouTube channel for teaching drawing in the country. He also bought three flats with the money earned from this channel.

Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman heard his success story

Father Md. Jahangir Alam used to paint. Little Farzana used to see it. From there, his childish interest in painting was born. He used to try to draw a little by himself.
At times his pencil sketches dazzled everyone. However, Farzana’s drawings were not institutionalized. Farzana learned about art from YouTube.

Khushi has been seen there 14 times

On January 21, 2017, she posted her first video on her YouTube channel (Farzana Drawing Academy).
Only 14 views were seen the day after it was given. Farzana is happy with this. I didn’t know anything about opening a channel on YouTube even a few months before starting the channel. Husband Mostafizur Rahman asked Farzana to open a YouTube channel.

first income

AdSense pin verification takes time and he can collect first income from YouTube channel after five months.
That was 65 thousand rupees. At the same time he earns another 40 thousand rupees. After that, Farzana did not have to look back.

Farzana said, if the YouTube channel has more views, advertisements come. The channel owner gets a portion of the advertising money. 9-5 office. Boss informed. It is not Farzana’s choice. Farzana said, ‘I can work like myself. It’s very peaceful.’

Bangladesh’s first diamond button

Farzana’s YouTube channel has more than 1.28 million subscribers. He was the first to receive the ‘Silver Play Button’ for reaching one lakh subscribers after launching his channel. Received ‘Gold Button’ after reaching 1 million subscribers. And after reaching one crore subscribers, he added ‘Diamond Button’ to his collection. As a YouTuber, he personally received Bangladesh’s first ‘Diamond Button’.
According to US social media analytics website ‘Social Blade’, ‘Farzana Drawing Academy’ is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in Bangladesh. At the time of this writing, his channel’s videos have totaled 343.822 million views. Most of the viewers of his channel are from India. There are 44 percent of his total opinion. 6 percent from Bangladesh and 5.09 percent from the United States. He has about 1,400 videos on his channel.
What Farzana teaches

Farzana’s channel mainly teaches pencil sketching. But it is done very simply, in a simple way, using readily available materials. Farzana’s video has background music but no vocals. No description. Farzana believes that bold pencils and simple techniques are one of the reasons for the popularity of her drawings. He tries to teach subjects of interest to the audience. Farzana painted human portraits, natural scenes, faces of various animals.
All on mobile

Farzana does not have a studio. Draw, video, edit with one hand. Place the mobile phone on a table on the balcony and record videos on it. A sketch is made in about an hour. Then edit and upload. Give the video after four or five days.
Thanks also to Doraemon authorities

Children were the primary focus of Farzana’s YouTube channel. That’s why the channel’s original logo was created with the popular Doraemon character. When the matter came to the attention of Doraemon authorities, they gave a copyright strike on 300 videos of Farzana. His videos were very popular. He had only six days. If nothing is done within this period, the channel will be deactivated. The sky fell on Farzana’s head. I spent three days thinking about what to do. Later, however, Doraemon was able to contact the authorities. Doraemon should be happy to contact the authorities. They also thanked Farzana by admitting the mistake and removing Doraemon’s character.
hidden man

One of the best YouTubers in Bangladesh—both views and subscribers. There is not much campaign about Farzana yet. He is a very secretive person. Day after day doing what you want in private. Farzana herself is behind this. He said, “Many TV channels called me for an interview, but I avoided them. Doing so would have known about me, but it would have harmed my work a lot.
Farzana lives with her family in Uttara, Dhaka. Graduated from Government Victoria College, Comilla. Husband Mostafizur Rahman does business. Their only son Saurabh studies in school.

YouTube revenue is three flat

Farzana bought two flats in Comilla and one in Dhaka with the income of the YouTube channel. Not only this, most of the daily expenses are paid from here.

Advice for beginners

He never thought of making money from YouTube. She gave utmost importance to her figure. Learned from mistakes. His advice for newbies is – don’t worry about views, don’t start with income. You have to do your job well.


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